Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's the Big Day!

Today's a big day for the Alpaca Farm. It's the beginning of National Alpaca Farm Days! We expect many people to come visit our alpacas this weekend. We have 3 other local alpaca farms joining us for the event for the first time. Thanks to Humming Star Alpacas, Gulf Breeze Alpacas, and Ed! With the Artist gone, I couldn't have done this without you! The weather is supposed to be lovely. Will post pictures tonight.

Today is also a huge day for the Artist! His monument will be dedicated today on the beach at Normandy, in France. The Utah Beach Museum actually has a webcam so you can watch the dedication, and see the monument. At the moment, it is covered with a big white sheet that is blowing mightily, telling us how windy it is there. An except from the Artist in his last email,"This place has been crazy. I have been coming in to the museum at 8am every day and working all day helping with preparations for todays dedication. The French have been as wonderful as their countyside is beautiful. The Navy Seabees have been building the stages and color gaurds have been rehearsing. The speech I am supposed to give has been swirling around in my head every night while I try to sleep...." So exciting!

Sometimes you hear that the French don't like Americans. The Artist reports that in Normandy, the French love Americans. They are grateful to us, and fly American flags. (At other times of the year too, not just when the monument is being installed) The French have worked diligently to have this monument installed. An American film company is doing a documentary on the making of the monument. I will keep you updated when you can see that on the History channel.

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