Sunday, September 28, 2008

National Alpaca Farm Day - Saturday

Spinning Demonstrations with Mac and Mary
photo: Cheryl Bowen

Saturday's Open House was a big success. With around 70 people in attendance, we had a great day introducing visitors to the world of alpacas. Interestingly, at 2:20pm, the last person left. No one else showed up, though we were open til 3pm. It was so quiet, you could've herd a pellet drop (an alpaca food pellet of course. Don't get me started on how my kids, who normally love bathroom humor, have reprimanded me for putting the word "POOP" into the alpaca word search for kids...). Oh yeah, the Auburn game started at 2:30pm. Life in the SEC... don't you just love it?

Kids love Doe, reigning alpaca PR Queen

above photo: Keith Stewart

Zachary, age 6, learns to spin

Sorry I didn't get these up last night as promised. Fell asleep watching "America's Toughest Jobs" with my son. Who knew bull fighters made that kind of money?


CharlieMac said...

We had a great time Saturday and Sunday. I think we were both about as tired as we were last time we were with you in April.
Maybe we are getting too old to keep up wiht you younger types? NOT!
Mac and Mary

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Mac and Mary,
I hear that. I was unbelievably tired too. But in a good way. You guys were the MVP's as usual. Thanks for all you do for our farm, and the alpaca industry!