Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secrets from the Alpaca Vault

Doe Shares Her Paca Secrets with owner Andy Bowen Alpacas enjoy a visit from new breeders, Cheryl and Andy Bowen.

Last weekend, Cheryl and Andy Bowen, of Humming Star Alpacas, came by to visit their first cria, Moonshadow. (the brown in front looking at Andy) Their lovely foundation dam, Doe, was all snuggles and sweetness, giving Andy lots of kisses and sharing her secrets with him. Adorable, that's Doe sitting down giving Cheryl all her attention above.

Those of you will be attending our Open House on September 27th and 28th will have the chance to meet Cheryl and Andy in person. They will be on our Q & A Panel about the Business of Breeding Alpacas on Sunday from 3pm-4pm, September 28th. For more info click here.

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