Monday, September 15, 2008

Parasites, Parasites Go Away!

Yuck! I am so sick of dealing with parasites...C'mon Winter, please get here. Or dryness. Something. This summer has been so nice and cool, and wet. That's great for warding off heat problems, but it's an engraved invitation for parasites. Alpaca breeders in the Southeast have to be very careful and keep an eye on our alpacas, and our alpacas' poop! Do lots of fecal checks, and watch the animals for any signs of weakness or anemia. Have your vet perform the fecal or send it out to a lab if you don't have training in these procedures. We do fecal exams both at the farm and in conjunction with our vet's office to be on the safe side.

I remember the brilliant (and hysterical) Auburn Large animal veterinarian, Dr. Pugh, once saying that alpacas were like "glorified goats". So true. Both ruminants. Alpacas are more like sheep and goats than cattle in many regards. For a very informative website on parasite control click here. Of particular importance is the FAMACHA chart. Very helpful!

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