Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm a Farmgirl!

A true Alpaca Farm girl! (that's a poop scooping rake in her hand) My daughter loves to tell visitors that she's a farmgirl.

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of hurricane watches and warnings, tissues, cold medicine, and being glued to the Weather Channel. Between Ike, Gustav, Faye, Hannah, and Josephine and the dreadful cold that has been going around our house, I haven't been writing much. Hopefully that will change soon. The alpacas are all well, but looking forward to cooler weather. It will be in the mid-90's today.

Our first cria is due in November, and we won't be breeding until December 1. That is, if I can stand it that long. It drives me crazy for them to be open (not pregnant). I feel like there's a hole in my piggybank and money is just seeping out when they are open for a long time. When it gets cooler in late October and early November I usually get antsy and breed one. The problem is that that means a September or October baby and that's really too hot for us to be brithing down here in L.A. (lower Alabama). Fortunately there are only a couple that we had to hold over until Fall/Winter for breeding.

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