Friday, October 24, 2008

We'll miss that big puppy!

Scamp 4 weeks
7 weeks
8 months old

I love livestock guard dogs! Love them. Guess that's why we have 6. After today we'll have only 5 because "Scamp" is going to his new home today at Serenity Farms. Look at how he has grown.

Scamp's new owner, Rochelle, also welcomed female alpacas Ivy By Knight, and Windy Cindy into her herd today. Both girls are blue ribbon winners. What can we say? Rochelle has good taste. We'll miss them all but are so glad they are going to such a great home.

BUSY getting ready for Alpacas 101 tomorrow.

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alpaca ranching said...

Your little Scamp puppy is such a cutie! Who couldn't fall in love with these guard dogs?