Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a Little Protein

Why do bugs keep flying in my mouth?

Only recently have I had this problem. Twice in the last month, bugs have flown in my mouth while I have been entertaining visitors to the alpaca farm. Most recently, I was with a friend, and the bug was big. So I just swiped my hand through my mouth, removed the bug, and said, "Yuck! A bug was in my mouth." Gross, but I survived.

The first time, however, was a different story. Picture it: National Alpaca Farm Day. Open House. People milling around, learning about alpacas. Me, floating around, talking with people, sharing the joy of alpacas. la, la, la. Then I see a couple who have visited me before. This time they have brought other family members. They are really interested in the alpaca business. As I chat with them, intelligently discussing the unique and divine benefits of being an alpaca farmer - a bug flies into my mouth. Make that throat. I am stunned. I want to choke. It's wings are tickling my throat. My throat is dry and I cannot quite swallow it. But it's too far back to spit it out. I smile, and continue to converse with the lovely visitors, as though there is not an insect fluttering around in my throat trying to escape.

Finally, I clear my throat a couple of times, and...swallow. My visitors are none the wiser. I wonder how I became this person. And I like to think Jeff Probst would be proud.


Lady Katherine said...

Wow, that was a tough thing to go through. I love your Alpaca, I spin and weave and live on a farm, One dream is to have an Alpaca. Are you in Alabama? I love to visit. I hope I got you in my reader. My email is ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com or my blog is http://ladykatherineteaparlor.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

=] i'm sorry you had to go through that. YUCK!!

Victoria said...

this is hilarious! I got a bee in the mouth once- traumatic to the nth degree.