Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MagKenna Lei

Here is 4 month old MagKenna Lei. She is truly our pride and joy! Our first Magnum cria, and can you believe that she is black? I mean really black. (Magnum is fawn and her dam, Antigia, is grey) She has been shorn and it is growing in BLACK! When she was born I thought that we needed a very different name for her. I was walking through the room with a basket of laundry and heard Kelly Ripa tell Helen Hunt that she loved her daughter's name (On Regis and Kelly). My ears perked up. Her daughter's name is "McKenna Lei". She said that it meant "many flowers from Heaven". That did it, we changed it a bit to give Magnum credit for this little doll, but we got the idea from Helen Hunt.

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