Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gustav Brings Back That Old Feeling...

This morning I woke up with an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. It was that all too familiar feeling of being in the path of a hurricane. Since 1992, I have lived close enough to the water to be evacuating for hurricanes. We have been through all this with Hurricanes Andrew, Dennis, Ivan, and Katrina as well as some lesser known ones in South Florida. DH has about had it with the whole thing. I agree as being responsible for over 50 alpacas, 4 children, 8 dogs, 3 cats, and a rabbit is unbelievably stressful with a hurricane bearing down on you. We have had offers to help us evacuate the alpacas. THANKS so much. We will wait and see where the 3 day forecast puts Gustav. In the meantime I have to find evacuation places for the rest of the critters. The 6 Great Pyrenees are my biggest concern at this point.

To read about how we evacuated 42 alpacas and 4 Great Pyrs for Hurricane Ivan click here and go to the second half of the page. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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